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About us

AMBRY TRADING CO., LIMITED is authorized and regulated by the National Futures Association. Our company has strong capital and rich management experience. We adhere to the corporate culture of "integrity, persistence, integration and innovation" and aim to provide customers with high quality online precious metals and foreign exchange trading services. Headquartered in Hong Kong, our company is fully engaged in precious metals and foreign exchange business to help clients achieve substantial returns.

1. Intentional, professional and all-day customer service team to provide immediate advice and services to customers.

2. We hold a valid business license to operate the London Gold/Silver business.

3. Convenient and quick access to funds. The withdrawal application will be accepted from 09:00 to 16:00 daily during trading hours, the withdrawal application made after 16:00 will be accepted on the next trading day (postpone in case of weekends and holidays). Please refer to the local bank settlement time for the specific arrival time of fund.

4. AMBRY provides instant margin monitoring and provides negative balance protection, which means we make up the negative balance of your losses and protect traders from potential financial losses.

5. Ideal for IB businesses. AMBRY supports ultra-short-term trading and is suitable for traders of high-frequency trading.

6. Professional Investment Tools Real-time trend charts, news, quotes, and trend analysis are all integrated with trading software, allowing customers to master the most comprehensive and fast investment tools.

7. Daily Analysis. AMBRY customers can enjoy financial research and daily analysis provided by a number of senior experts to more effectively grasp the market trend.

Our vision, mission and belief are the guiding principles for our work.


At AMBRY TRADING CO., LIMITED we focus on sustainable growth that is profitable.

We achieve our goals globally in a responsible and professional manner by:

• Implement global market and technology leadership strategies in our business areas and markets.

• Work together to create brilliance: Collaborate with our customers, partners and other business partners within the company and across departments and regions.


We hope

• Protect the company's future growth through "effective and sustainable growth. "

• Continue to provide innovative investment products and continuously introduce new offers to valued customers.

• Strengthen partnerships with all existing, potential and future Introducing Brokers and White Label partners.

• Become a globally recognized industry leader in our business areas; provide customers with innovative, high quality trading products and professional services as their preferred dealer.

• Provide employees with career development opportunities and competitive compensation benefits, and maintain the preferred employer status favored by the best talent. This will fully reflect the company's values in a globally diverse landscape.


We believe

• Our strength comes from a long-term, stable relationship with our customers, partners and other business partners focused on creating "win-win " solutions.

• Constantly meeting the needs of our customers is the foundation of our growth.

• Employees make us "out of the box ": the perseverance, sincerity, trustworthiness and integrity of our employees in their daily work are the driving force behind our mission.

• Focus on innovation and the relentless pursuit of superior technology is our competitive advantage.

• A comprehensive focus on environmental and social impacts in company operations is an important foundation for sustainable development.

Corporate values

Our three values are the cornerstone of all the ways and means of the company: the pursuit of innovation, sincerity and trustworthiness.

• The pursuit of innovation is a spirit, a spirit of actively grasping all possibilities, excellence, and continuous development.

• Sincerity relies on confidence in the ability of oneself and others, and mutual respect between colleagues or partners.

• Integrity and trustworthiness are prerequisites for building and winning trust. With honest and fair character, we can be called a true professional, and we are willing to work with such colleagues or partners.

We will adhere to the three values and provide our customers with more personalized services and more professional and stable trading services.